Together, we can

Impact Uganda's next generation

Shape the Future

Directly impacting over 1,200 children and youth, along with countless families in Uganda over two decades

Through our dedicated efforts in schooling, children’s homes, church planting, and infrastructure projects, Prepare the Way Ministry, together with partners like you, have brought the Gospel of Jesus, and filled the practical needs of families across Uganda.

What we do

Prepare the Way transforms Uganda with God’s love, and equips believers to bring the Kingdom of God into everyday life. Our work in Uganda encompasses church planting, education, and nurturing children's homes.

We Nurture

Our schools in Uganda offer a nurturing and safe learning environment. We focus on holistic education, fostering academic excellence and spiritual growth among our students, while providing food, clothing, and safety.

We Are Home

We operate children’s homes, creating secure, loving environments for orphans and vulnerable youth. Here, they find not just shelter, but a real sense of family, belonging, and a bright future.

We Plant Churches

Our church planting initiatives spread faith and community across Uganda. We establish houses of worship where people gather to worship, learn, and support each other in their faith journey.

We Sponsor

We sponsor continuing education, empowering young adults to pursue their vocational, ministerial, and university aspirations, enriching both their lives and the communities they serve.

Our numbers are people

Our reach in Uganda is evident in our tangible achievements: transforming lives, uniting communities, establishing educational and spiritual hubs, and enhancing living standards through essential and targeted local projects.
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