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What Does Children’s Ministry Look Like?

Precious! Innocent! These are the faces of children in worship. Children snuggled two in a chair full of excitement and anticipation of what is about to happen. Their eyes look at you with wonder and joy.


The Lord has spoken to us about loving our neighbors by reaching out to them in their homes. Every Saturday for the past five weeks, we have been going door to door in the villages surrounding our home. Our outreach team went to three different villages; one each week, to bring in as many of our neighboring children as possible to be touched by God. When you invite a certain number of children, you will have a turnout of double or triple that amount. Each week we had between 100 and 250 children. The crowds of children gathered hours before the start of the crusade. A sense of anticipation was in the air. We filled all of our chairs, tarps spread on the grass, and on the cement with enthusiastic children.


A Muslim leader came to listen to what we had to say. Holy Spirit took over the teaching, and I soon found myself challenging the Muslim leader with the love of Jesus. Even as he was walking away, the Word of God was going deep into his heart about the forgiveness of sin. That same day three Muslim mothers attended with their children. They sat in the back with a scowl on their faces. When they heard about the tremendous love that God has for them, how he takes away guilt and fear, and brings them into the tender and loving relationship of a Father and a daughter; they knew what they were hearing, but couldn’t believe that it could be true. They gave their lives to Jesus right along with the children.


About 20 desperately needy families were identified in the first village. Our team of six Ugandans and me set out to bring a gift bag consisting of sugar, salt, tea, biscuits, match boxes, and laundry soap; to each of these families. We walked the village for 5 hours. Some of the homes we entered made me want to cry. The people were so poor. The little we brought them overwhelmed them. They did not have any of these basic necessities in their homes.


We visited Muslim women who had promised to give us their children. This means that their children can worship Jesus at the church, but had in the past refused to give Him their own lives. On this day, God was moving on their hearts. I looked deep into their eyes, and trust began to develop. I told them about what Jesus had done for me. Five Muslim women surrendered to Jesus fully after learning about His goodness. (The ladies were in church the following Sunday eager to learn more about the man called Jesus).


One man we passed was standing watching us. As we returned, he was still there waiting. As we stopped to talk to him, I sensed that God was about to change his life forever. The man was an alcoholic. (Two weeks later, he has not touched alcohol. His testimony is that he will serve Jesus until the day that he dies).


The children were all given school books, biscuits, and juice sponsored by donations from children that attend Lenexa Baptist’s AWANA Program to which the Brethour children belong. The children had stickers all over their faces. This was a fun way to break into their lives. When I lifted my hand to put a sticker on some of them, they flinched in fear at the sudden movement. I know that many of them do not receive affection or tender care from their families. The love of God through the worship, gifts, messages, and fun was needed to reach their hearts.


Many of the children’s faces showed that God was doing a work in them. Some raised their hands to heaven; while others felt His presence but couldn’t comprehend it yet. This was just the beginning of many outreaches into these villages. The children were walked home by the adults with their hands full of gifts. (The mothers of some of the children could not understand why we would spend money to help their children. They came to our Friday Night Worship to find out what this kind of love is all about).


Thank you for partnering with us in the Great Commission. Go ye into all the world and preach the gospel. Thank you for sending us as ambassadors on your behalf with the message of God’s Kingdom. We thank you for that love and trust. We are all part of the same body and we need each other. You are the hands and we are the feet. Thank you for praying for us. We appreciate your faithfulness in lifting us up to God. He does go before us and thwart the plans of the enemy that had aimed against us. We see the miraculous hand of God constantly moving on behalf of Prepare the Way Ministry and Faith Bible College. Thank you for your part in supporting us financially and prayerfully.