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Remembering 2015 and Pushing Forward into 2016

Vision for 2016


Remembering 2015 and Pushing Forward into 2016


To all of our precious friends,


From our hearts to yours, we send you our love and ask for God to bless you with His favor and presence. Jesus invaded the darkness with His light and glory, and changed the very atmosphere in which He walked. He brought heaven to earth everywhere He went, and every time he spoke. God has extended to us the greatest invitation to know Him in the depths of His love, be transformed by His glory, and carry that glory to the ends of the earth.


We are deeply touched by your faithful friendship, prayer, and financial support. We are living the dream of our lives having been sent by God and our church to serve in Uganda. We do not take lightly the responsibility of being a faithful steward of what God has entrusted to us. We endeavor to use all resources wisely, knowing your sacrifice to send it to us. Let us a few minutes to share with you some of what God has done in Uganda this year.


The vision of Prepare the Way Ministry is to prepare the way for the Lord and spend our lives to bring Him glory throughout Uganda and into East Africa. He has allowed us to reach across the nations of East Africa from Sudan to Rwanda, Kenya to Congo, Burundi to Tanzania, and Uganda to make disciples that will remain as overcomers and be leaders in their nations. We train pastors, leaders, and adults from all East African nations to be passionate for God in the Word, worship, and in their lives. The training is also taking place with the children and the youth through worship training, outreach, and youth Bible College.


Those who prevail all do the same thing: They do not deviate from their devotion to the first and greatest commandment-loving the Lord. In this way, their service is done unto Him; not unto men, although men are impacted. They are the ones who worship the Lamb and follow Him wherever He goes.


We will be returning to Uganda on January 31, 2016. Please keep us covered in prayer-safe travel, easy passage through customs, all baggage to arrive with the plane, and as the Lord leads you.




The Prepare the Way Evangelism teams minister door to door in about 40 different villages. Every Saturday, the teams meet at the base for an hour of training by Pastor Bill, prayer, and then launch out. If the village is far, they travel by van; but if near, they walk. The teams go out in small groups so they can fit in the small huts. Once inside they worship, pray with people for salvation, healing, deliverance, or any other need. We have seen a man who was lame for 30 years, get up and walk. The witch doctors in one village lost all their demonic power, when the fear of God came into their village. People walk away from their dead religious practices to follow the one true living God that makes Himself known to them. We wish we had the space to share hours of miraculous stories.




Linda lost her mother and spent two months in Minnesota, so it was good to have a quieter year as far as teams go. Bill proved to be the host with the most. In 2015 we had two teams from the Minneapolis area. Some team members had never been on a mission’s trip before. They jumped right into the ruggedness of Northern Uganda complete with the grass huts. They stepped out of their comfort zones for the higher call of praying for the sick, downcast; and oppressed. God rewarded their obedience by using them to minister healing, freedom, and deliverance. It doesn’t take long until the teams see how much they are loved by the Ugandan people, and return the love. The unity allows them to work together and lead hundreds to the Lord, and compassionately pray for them. We love it when God moves on their hearts, calling them to greater depths with Him. Uganda is a group culture, and everyone knows each other’s business. One salvation or miracle reaches out and impacts an entire village. The teams experience watching people change before their eyes as a result of their own obedience to the Lord. Our heart is that some of them will follow Jesus to a distant land, to love a people group, and help prepare the way of the Lord.




Powerful, passionate worship is heard through the town of Lugazi every Friday evening and the village of Namirembe (Sseya) every Saturday evening. Friday the mission based in packed full of leaders, pastors, youth, children, and elderly worshipping Jesus with all their hearts. There are times when the glory of God is heavy upon us and we are completely lost in His marvelous presence. There is a strong desire from the youth of the area to become equipped to know His voice and to move with Him in worship. The weekly messages challenge everyone’s heart for more of God. Every Saturday evening about 200 people come by vans to worship Jesus and hear the word of the Lord. Throughout the neighboring towns, requests keep coming in to train the churches in worship and love for God.




The second graduation of Faith Bible College-Lugazi Annex was held in August 2015. We were very proud of all of our graduates. A flag was flown for every country represented: USA, Uganda, Rwanda, Burundi, Tanzania, and Kenya. The ceremony was wonderful with the guest of honor was Bishop Titus being the overseer of all the Deliverance Churches in Uganda. He addressed the crowd with humility and love. Dr. Bill affectionately awarded the graduates with their Bachelor or Master Degree in Christian Counseling, Business Administration, or Pastoral Theology. The students paid a price to come to this school. They were away from their homes for weeks at a time, four times a year for four years. They trained in the classroom as well as in the field. They preached in churches, counseled in the prison and people who came on the grounds, and worked on projects at the farms. Most of the graduates are seasoned men and women of God who pastor their own churches and oversee up to 15 others.


Faith Bible College-North Campus in Pabbo, Uganda trains 20 men and women from Congo, Sudan, and Northern Uganda. They are presently in their second year of the Associate Program.




Building Strong Leaders is an extension of Faith Bible College. Village pastors at the mission base at no cost to them other than the purchase of their own books. Many of these pastors do not speak English, and the classes are held in Luganda. Weekly, a few of our teachers travel to villages and islands to train remote pastors that are hungry for the Word of God but cannot afford to travel or pay for their education.




King’s Kids Learning Center was welcomed into the village of Namirembe (Sseya). The prices are low, the training is excellent, the love is strong, and the presence of God changes the children. The school started in February of 2015 with 25 children from Hope Children’s Home. Soon Pastor Bill sent the teachers out to find 15 orphaned children who were not in school, and didn’t look like they were doing very well. They were offered free education and free nutritious meals. The children came in their best clothes, which were little, more than rags. They had hard distended bellies from worms. Their little faces were hardened from so much neglect, physical and sexual abuse, and lack of proper nutrition. Cautiously, they would risk a peek. As we met their eyes, we saw a look of “could this possibly be happening to me”.


The school quickly grew to 75 children; even half are paying students from the community. All of the 75 children have been totally transformed by the love of God through kind and caring teachers and staff. “Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it.” A strong, godly and academic foundation is being developed in each child. All children are taught in English and are speaking and singing in English. They are learning to think independently, while at the same time, are learning to honor and respect others, have integrity, follow Biblical guidelines for their lives. Most of the children attend the church services and worship nights. They also go with the adults to minister in the community.


King’s Kids Learning Center needs your help!

We need to add an additional school building to add Primary 4 to our school this year. School starts in February. There is also a need to put up latrines for the school separate from the children’s home. We know the school is going to continue to expand this year, as requests are already coming in. The additional school building is going to cost $15,000-$20,000. The latrines will cost $3,000-$4,000. We will need cement, bricks, sand, aggregate (small rocks), wood, nails, iron sheets, windows, and doors. We will also need 10 more student’s and teacher’s desks at $40 per desk, 3 blackboards per classroom, electricity, and more.  




Hope Children’s Home houses 32 children from baby class (3 years) to Primary 7.  All of the children attend King’s Kids Learning Center with the exception of three Primary 6 and Primary 7 kids. The children are happy and busy with school, church, worship, and learning to assist the matrons. The home rings with laughter and joy. Hope Children’s Home is registered under Prepare the Way Ministry as a Ugandan Non-Government Organization. Due to the high level of sex trafficking in Uganda, we are in the process of registering as an approved home with the government as well. Many of our children have been rescued from early marriage or the sex trade by bringing them into one of Prepare the Way Ministry’s homes.




The Agape Youth Center is now the home of many of our children who have outgrown Hope Children’s Home, as they have entered high school. Agape Youth Center has a high school and a vocational school within half of a mile from the base. We presently have 15 youth on location. Some of them will be starting at the vocational school this year taking masonry and hair dressing. When the youth reach the age of 18 and transition into adulthood, the government requires them to have received training in a trade and return to their home village equipped and ready to add value to their community. This is one of the challenges we are facing, trying to accomplish everything required before they are 18. The youth are receiving discipleship and worship training as well as internships or apprenticeship in gardening, masonry, pastoral, and catering.






Hope Gardens has expanded to 11 acres. Agape Gardens is 4-5 acres. They are both producing an abundance of delicious fruits and vegetables. The reputation of quality and integrity is known throughout the villages. Everyone wants milk, eggs, mushrooms, coffee, and produce of all kinds, chickens, pigs, and goats from the farms. The farm is now blessing the school children and youth, widows from the communities, the churches, and the community. God is so very good.




Well, we did what we have always said that we would never do. Shhh! We are not telling anyone. We started a fellowship in Namirembe (Sseya) not because we really wanted to, but because there was not a safe church for our children to attend. It started as a kid’s church, but within the first few weeks, the villagers started to come. Six months later, the Sunday morning worshippers began overflowing the building. The genuine love, intimate worship, and depth of the heartfelt messages touched people’s hearts and lives. There are now about 200 in attendance each week. During the week the community is ministered to from the church is many different ways. Widows are being fed. Monthly meals and post-service celebrations invite everyone in attendance. Many are receiving their healings, and are so grateful to God. People from distant communities want to come, and are now being picked up by vans.


After our return; in February the youth fellowship at Agape Youth Center will begin. Both the pastor at Hope and Agape are in training at Faith Bible College. They are being mentored and carefully nurtured. They both love God with all their hearts, are not looking for a title, but want to serve King Jesus.


If any of you would like to help build the second school building, latrines, or purchase desks or blackboards, please let us know. You can donate or contact us on the website.  or

Contact us by phone at 816-682-3644 or 816-682-3648.

You can be a part of changing a community through “building a younger generation for God’s glory”.


We are so excited to get back to Uganda. We know that this is going to be an amazing year. The Ugandan Prepare the Way team is doing a great job, but it is time for us to return to our Ugandan home.


Please continue to pray for us and the entire Ugandan and American teams. We are so grateful for you faithfully lifting us to the throne of grace.


Pastors Bill and Linda Campbell