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Poem written by Erika Forester

9 Jan. 2015 Posted by Pastor Bill in

When I close my eyes,
I dream of Uganda.
When I open my eyes,
I think of Uganda.
Where the beautiful air captures you the first moment you rise.
Where the children yell, "mzungu, mzungu!"
Every time you pass by.
Where the shoe less children run up to you,
Just to touch your skin
And play with you hair.
Where albino and deaf people get forgotten,
Where people have never heard of this Jesus before,
But crave His Love.
Where the red sand covers you
After at days work for The Lord.
Oh, beautiful Uganda,
You are my home.
Where children laugh
And play;
But wonder when they are going to eat next.
"Does somebody, anybody love me?"
Children of Uganda are absolutely beautiful,
They dance with elegance,
They sing with angelic voices,
They pray with hopeful hearts;
For Our Lord's return.
Oh, beautiful Uganda,
Won't you see your potential?
Jesus loves Uganda,
Where the generosity outgrows America,
Where the women get sold into sex slavery,
Where families work 20 hour days for little or no pay,
Where there may be no such thing is clean water,
Where children wear one pair of ripped clothing for,
Where the passion for The Lord triumphs their pain,
Where the death of malaria, AIDS, & murder bring sorrow.
"Where are you Lord?"
Uganda pleads!
Poverty stricken zone,
There seems there should be no hope
Or no Light.
There is.
He is their Hope.
He is their Light.
What can I do Lord
To help beautiful Uganda?
Because when I sleep I dream of Uganda,
Because when I rise I pray for Uganda.
Oh, beautiful Uganda,
The Lord is coming soon.
In the mean time,
I will serve The Lord
In Uganda.