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Miracles and Heartbreak

17 Jan. 2015 Posted by Pastor Bill in

I want to share an answer to prayer for one but heartbreak for many other. This is why God put such an urgency with me to have you pray for Jesca, our house mom in Uganda. Please read the following report from Pastor Charles. May it cause you to pray even more...

I took my wife, Jesca to one of the hospitals in Kampala Uganda. She was so sick. She couldn’t talk, stand up, or eat or drink anything. After arriving, it took twenty-one hours before she received any medical treatm...ent. During the long hours, she was registered, received a diagnosis, and was transferred to a hospital bed. I was praying for God to spare my wife’s life. The Lord provided us with a miracle. A friend of mine called his close friend, who happened to be a doctor. He came immediately after being informed of the seriousness of her condition. He gave Jesca the care that she needed, even at a price that I could afford. She began to eat, talk again, stand up straight, and walk. After three days, I was told that my wife will survive and be just fine. This doctor informed me that the doctors and medical staff were on a silent strike over their low salaries.

Please join with me in prayer over these serious issues. While sitting with my wife in a ward, I personally witnessed three people die because they were not getting medical care. Pregnant women were screaming in labor pains without getting assistance. Those that had no money were not treated and completely left alone. People are seriously sick, and suffering beyond what I can even express. We need God to intervene for the sake of the sick people.