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The Lost are Found

The heart of God is to win the lost of this world unto Himself. Pastor Bill’s has been so stirred to evangelize the villages surrounding our immediate compound in Uganda. God literally sent us a small group of faithful and fiery born-again women. Several of them were hopelessly lost themselves, trapped in the darkness of the world’s religions. These ladies have formed a group which is a presentation from 5 or 6 different churches from Lugazi coming together for one purpose; to bring their friends and neighbors to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ.

These ladies had the zeal but not the training. Pastor Bill began a weekly class and prayer time with them before they went out into the villages. The learned the scriptural principles and how to apply the practical approach to meeting people’s needs. They began to understand how Jesus ministered, with power and compassion. They started to reach out to everyone, without fear of what the person was in bondage. The women were thrilled to see the captives set free. They started being a blessing by seeing the need in front of them. Pastor Linda went out with them several times to show them how easy it is to show the love of God, no matter what a person believes. They waited on Jesus for guidance on how to touch the heart of each person ministered to.

Prepare the Way Ministry first started doing door to door evangelism when the teams came from the US. We soon became hooked because it was so beautiful to see the joy replace the hopelessness. Many healings and miracles took place on a weekly basis. The crippled walk! Vision restored! Religious traditions fell off of people as they excitedly gave their lives to the Lord. One of the villages that we went to is called Kitega which means "the trap". A pastor from the village called it a village full of thieves and witch doctors, but now it is not the same. One of the witch doctors gave her life to Jesus during our evangelism. One witch doctor’s salvation led to the freedom of a second and then a third.

A rather obnoxious drunk was known to stand out in the streets and curse those passing by. He could be very dangerous if aroused, causing people would take a different route rather than to go by his house. He received Jesus during an evangelism outreach, and was transformed on the spot. The desire for alcohol was completely removed from his body. He became an upstanding citizen of his community. He traveled with the Faith Bible College team by boat to reach out to islanders on Lake Victoria. The community couldn’t help but take notice, and others came to Christ because of his transformation.

We invited new Christians and those seeking truth from this first village to a special celebration dinner on their behalf. They were served a wonderful feast. During testimony time a young woman shared that before she became a Christian she was tormented by evil spirits but now she has been set free. The same former drunkard testified that Jesus took away all desire for alcohol and he promised to serve Jesus until he dies. Many present gave their lives to Jesus at the dinner as the the Holy Spirit worked on their hearts through the testimonies and the word shared by Pastor Bill.

The transformation of these villages began to spread throughout surrounding communities. The Ugandan team has now grown to about 15 people who go out most Saturdays even in our absence. According to them, three villages have now been transformed. When some of the main ungodly people in each village come to Christ, the entire village notices, and others are drawn to the truth.

It has been exciting to be able to place each of these new believers into a local church where we know that the pastors have been trained at Faith Bible College; Lugazi. It is imperative to bring these new believers to maturity.