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Lion of Judah Roar

9 Jan. 2015 Posted by Pastor Bill in

Please keep Prepare the Way Ministry in prayer. The attack is against our team of people in Uganda in our absence. LION OF JUDAH ROAR. When the lion of Judah roars, the earth quakes. Pray for our staff who are being attacked by unusual sicknesses that cannot be identified by the hospitals. Pray for Jesca at Hope Children's Home who is presently suffering illness. Pray for all of the team, the children, the youth, the pastors and leaders.

Words of Wisdom by Rick Joyner:

Every day on the path of His presence, you are in danger of being killed. The enemy is constantly prowling around you seeking someone to devour. You are in the will of the Lord, and there is no safer place than being in His will. The Lion who is with you is much greater than those who are seeking to devour you. You must see the Lion who is in you and follow Him. You must not fear the lions that are seeking to destroy you, but you must make them fear you because of the One you abide in.

You must deal with the attacks, but do not let them sidetrack you. Even if lions cannot devour you, then they still win if they can turn you from something important that you’re engaged in. For them to have attacked when you were in a group and so brazenly, you were doing something crucial.