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King's Kids Learning Center


What does every child need? A happy home? A safe environment? A strong educational foundation? Yes, to all three of these. Prepare the Way Ministry has provided a happy home and safe environment for over 100 children for the past 10 years, but there is more that is needed.

Looking over the Ugandan educational system, we have noticed that most children go to school six days a week. The school day starts at 7am and ends at 7-10pm depending on the grade. The teaching method is primarily route memorization. Most children do not know their mathematical tables and cannot read phonetically. We have watched the children in the village struggle to pass to the next grade. Many families in the community do not value education and are unable to financially provide the treasure of knowledge to their children.

In February 2015, the start of the new school year; Prepare the Way Ministry will begin King’s Kids Learning Center. This building is being constructed on the Hope Children’s Home property. We have the building up, the roof on, and some of the walls are in place. We would like to finish two classrooms for the primary children before February.

Hope Children’s Home presently houses 38 children under the age of 18. Twenty of these kids are in third grade (Primary 3) or below. King’s Kids Learning Center will begin educating children from the nursery level (baby, middle, and top) to grade 3. We want to see the kids receive a strong solid foundation as they begin their school years. We have been given wonderfully trained teachers to instruct these young people. It is important to us that the kids are safe and not walking 4 kilometers to school on village roads with huge sugarcane trucks racing down the paths.

*This year the school will be serving only to the children of Hope Children’s Home, but by next year should be accessible to the community.

How can you help to ensure that the school building is ready for the children in February?

You can purchase one or more of the needed items listed below in the table. You can also send items that are purchased here, for example: laminated educational posters (alphabet), pencils, red and black pens, crayons, colored pencils, chalk, paints, coloring books, flash cards, play dough, scissors, Rubbermaid shoe box size container for each child, building blocks, strongly made children’s toys, unbreakable plastic plates and cups, or fill a Rubbermaid shoe box size container with a scissors, pens, pencils, colored pencils, crayons, and other small items.

King’s Kids Learning Center is in need of the following:


ITEM                                        NUMBER NEEDED                              PRICE PER ITEM

Window:                                 3                                                          $150

Security Door:                         3                                                          $225

Bag of Cement:                       150                                                      $15

Bricks                                      2,000                                                   $0.50

Blackboard:                             3                                                          $80


Desks:                                      25                                                        $80

Wiring for Electricity:               total project                                        $500

Cooking Pot:                            4                                                          $50

Flasks:                                     5                                                          $25

Kitchenware (Plates,               30                                                        $5                                           

Cups, Silverware):


Large Water Cooler:                 1                                                          $50


Hand Washing Container           2                                                          $50

And Stand:                                                                                                                                                      

Shelves:                                   2                                                          $90     


Please donate on line at or send a check to:

Prepare the Way Ministry

P.O. Box 324

Lee’s Summit, MO 64063


Questions: Call 816-682-3644 or 816-682-3648


Thank you for investing into the educational foundation of the community of Sseya, Uganda and the children of Hope Children’s Home. This investment will help to bring a village out of poverty and to become self-sustaining in the future.


Working together to see a nation change,

Dr. Bill and Linda Campbell