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Agape Youth Center Saturday Night Worhsip

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for us and we traveled to Uganda. This has been the easiest trip that we have ever taken. We were surrounded with the favor of the Lord. First, we arrived at the airport at 6am, and the sky cap crew were there waiting for work. They assisted us to load our 30 70# boxes and took us to the front of the Sky Priority lane where we were received by such friendly attendants. They thanked us for bringing the boxes and weighing them so carefully.

Next, we arrived in Minneapolis where we spent 5 hours in the lounge. As we boarded our plane I realized that we would be in the middle of two other people for our flight over the ocean. The flight to Amsterdam was less than half full, and we were able to have an entire row to ourselves which allowed us to rest. We spent another 3 hours in the lounge in Amsterdam. Our last flight to Entebbe also had many available seats allowing us the same comfort as before.

Lastly, we were greeted by precious friends at the airport. All of our boxes, keyboard, and suitcases arrived in good condition. After checking one box, everything was found to be in order and we were allowed to pass through customs without checking any further boxes. The previous customs official of an unbelieving faith “had been transferred to another position” and God had filled her position with a born-again Christian with a great heart toward the spread of the gospel in his country. The truck was loaded with our baggage, as we joyfully piled into our van and went to our second home.

The day after our arrival we held our Friday night worship, and the next day we felt God leading us to start our new Saturday night worship at the new Agape Youth Center. Almost half of those in attendance were 16-20 years old. Immediately we were drawn together as one with a single purpose to lift the name of Jesus higher. There was such a sense of the holiness of God. We knew that we were standing on Holy Ground and could feel the angels all around us. People got on their knees to worship the One who is worthy. The center was dedicated as a place where all who entered would know the presence of God touching their lives. Although we had not spread the word at all, some of the neighbors attended and felt the King’s presence and glory for the first time in their lives. We all stood with an overwhelming sense of “AWE” at His Masjesty in our midst.

Monday morning started our two week intensive. Pastor Bill took the leadership team to Malaba Forest to seek God for His direction as we started a new year for the students. Pastor Bill spoke to us and prayed for all of us. Hearts were reawakened with the purpose of Prepare the Way Ministry renewed in their hearts. The message of pursuing God’s presence  with everything with us and bringing glory to Him in everything that is said and done in the Bible school. It was a wonderful way to refocus everyone on what is really important.

We had many new international students from Tanzania, others from Rwanda, and those from Lugazi. We had classes running simultaneously for Masters in Christian Counseling, Masters in Pastoral Theology, and Bachelors in Pastoral Theology, as well as some who were in the Flex Program.

We visited Hope Children’s Home to find the children happy and healthy. After moving the older children to the youth center, the home dynamics have changed. Our old child is about 15 years. We have a wonderful new matron by the name of Sunday who has a great gifting of love for all of the children. She is strong and healthy but also fills the role of grandmother to the children. The children have changed to a new school with higher academic standards, and they have adjusted well. Our biggest challenge is transportation. We are currently using our old three wheel motorcycle truck to transport the children to and from school.  Please pray for protection for the staff and children of Hope Children’s Home. Pray against any attack of Satan including witchcraft, accidents, or sickness. Ask God to surround each one with peace and angels.