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A Witch Doctor's Life Transformed through the Testimony of Jesus (May 15)

1 May. 2016 Posted by Pastor Bill in

Witch Doctor's Life Transformed through the Testimony of Jesus

The new church out in Sseya had 120 people attend Easter Sunday. God was moving among His people as they cried out for him. The people were crying during the service.

There has been major witchcraft in the village, especially with two particular women witch doctors. The teams have been taking our children out door-to-door as the greatest story ever told of the cross and the great love of Jesus, and God's eternal purpose for them. Well, one of the witch doctors was prayed for and was completely transformed. The village is in amazement at what God has done in her life. She attends service faithfully every week.

Pastor Bill decided to surprise the villagers who are attending the church. He told them not to tell anyone but to prepare a lunch for everyone in attendance. There were little old people, others that had no where to go, and some that couldn't afford to have an Easter feast. People were teary eyed with gratitude. Smiles were everywhere. It was truly a wonderful day. The word is traveling throughout the village, about the goodness of God and His marvelous love.