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What is a Love Home?

What is a Love Home?

Prepare the Way Ministry works with many pastors who care for orphaned and vulnerable children in their homes. Some of these children were dropped off on the doorstep by a biological parent or extended family member. In some cases a partner may had died of AIDS, and the remaining parent could not afford to care for the child. In other cases the wife survived and had remarried, but the children were not wanted by the new husband. It is unwritten, but everyone knows that a pastor cannot refuse a desperate child. The integrity of these pastors that were caring for the children out of pure love deeply touched our hearts. Although not spoken, we knew that the extra children caused a strain on an already stressed family budget.

Prepare the Way assists these families by finding an American sponsor to love, support, and pray for one or more of these special children. In the homes that are qualified to be Love Homes, the families have decided to raise the orphaned or vulnerable child as part of their own family. We have seen the children blossom when they have a sense of love and belonging. Since the death of their parents, these children have lived under tremendous discrimination. An “orphan” in Uganda is similar to being an “untouchable” in India. One never outgrows the title. We have endeavored through the love of Jesus to change the child’s view of himself as he learns who he really is in Christ. He is chosen not abandoned. He is loved not rejected. We connect the child with their American sponsor/parent who tells them they are the greatest child on the face of the earth. They squeal with delight as they receive letters, gifts, and pictures from home (America).


We would like to highlight three of our newest Love Homes. The first is Pastor James and Veronica Akolo. He is also one of the Deans at Faith Bible College-Lugazi. When James and Veronica’s own children were young, they had two orphaned children living with them. When those orphans grew up, they married and had children of their own. Unfortunately, both of them were killed in accidents, and their spouses deserted the children. The Akolo family loving received Derek and Samuel after the tragic death and breakup of their families. Sadly, Veronica’s sister also died; leaving her six year old daughter, Rebecca, who was later taken into the Akolo family. This visible love for children and each other drew us to ask them to take in more children which they joyfully agreed to do. We added Rosette a precious little girl from Eastern Uganda who was in danger of becoming a child sacrifice. To read more of the story, click this link: Mercy, Peace, Jackie, Joseph, and Ivan from Nakisunga as well as Koleb from Sseya were welcomed into the family. The eight younger children are active in the Akolo’s church and primary school located a block from their home. Ivan and Koleb attend Hope Christian High School also in Lugazi.


Nestled in the village of Bulyantente just outside of Lugazi is the wonderful Devotion Home run by Pastor Aloysious and Regina Lumu. Although the family has seven young children of their own, they have such a desire to help others. We asked them to care for Henry, Israel, and Frank. They agreed as long as they could be part of the family. I felt the Lord smile down upon them, as they so lovingly displayed His heart. This home has more of a village setting. Pastor Aloysious has each of the boys actively participating in his church.


In August of 2011, one of our Bible College students; Pastor Alufunzi Ziwa was martyred for Christ after the class where he compelled the students in class to understand to appreciate the men of God who had been martyred for their faith. He left his wife, Agnes, their children, and thirty orphans whom they had been caring for.  Agnes is a teacher and has continued with her profession after the death of her husband. Her heart for her people compelled her to take leadership of the church as their Senior Pastor. Prepare the Way has been honored to provide sponsorship for their son, Precious. A beautiful thing happened. Some of the pastors of Lugazi have continued to minister to Pastor Agnes through bringing food, purchasing a water tank, and giving spiritual care to her family. God has given this amazing woman tremendous strength. She is void of bitterness or hatred toward her husband’s murderers. Her only desire is to see them receive salvation.


Thank you for sending us to Uganda and caring for the orphans and widows through your love and support. You as the senders are making a huge impact on the nation!
Joyously Serving the King,
Pastor Bill and Linda Campbell