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Touching Lives One Home at a Time Kitega

Jesus never walked by “the one”. His heart was always overcome with the Father’s love for the lost. With compassion shining in His eyes, He always stopped to bring the kingdom of heaven to earth by defeating Satan and setting the captives free. He brought full salvation in the form of healing, deliverance, provision, and destiny. He has called us to bring light into the darkness. With the assistance of our security guard, Faith Bible College student, pastor, and friend; Godwin Mukisa, an evangelism team was formed which included a representative from five different churches. After three wonderful weeks of reaching out to children; it was evident that there were some desperately needy widows in the community of Kitega. The team and I, set out to distribute gift bags to the needy and bring the lost to Jesus. What we found were people just waiting to hear the gospel. One man was standing by his house just watching us. As we approached him and began to share the love of the Lord with him, he surrendered his life to the Lord immediately. As it turns out, he was a village drunkard; but God touched his body, soul, and spirit. He has been completely set free and has not even desired a taste of alcohol. He has become passionate for his Savior. We reached the home of a Muslim woman and her children. The team informed me that she had given us her children to worship in the church, and that we should leave. I said, “I love Muslims.” As I began to share with the woman, I could see that the Lord was working on her. Five or six Muslim women trusted Jesus as their Lord that day along with other men, women, and children. We could see the change in their countenance as joy filled their eyes and smiles appeared on their faces. We encouraged them to come to Friday Night Worship times, and many of them have started coming on a regular basis. They are also being trained as they attend some of the churches which were represented by our Ugandan team. One of the ladies that we ministered to was a witch doctor. I was not told that information, until after sharing with her and being part of the joy of her newfound salvation. She was so ready to be set free. I have since learned that four of the other witch doctors in the village were very angry with her conversion to Christianity. She has not dabbled in witch craft and has no desire to go back into bondage. Her face now reflects the joy that is in her heart. Since her salvation, another witch doctor in Kitega has also given her life to Jesus. Pastor Godwin explained that Kitega means “the trap” and it is a village filled with witch doctors and Islam. He said that God brought us to Uganda to bring change to his village. He was so excited about the many salvations. We have a team from the U.S. arriving in three days, and we will be returning with not one but ten American fiery lovers of the “Most High God”. Please keep praying for the manifest glory of God to be revealed in Uganda.