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Tears of Joy (2015)

1 May. 2016 Posted by Pastor Bill in

We have a new little boy from the community of Sseya, Uganda who recently started attending King's Kids Learning Center. His father was diagnosed with cancer and the few shillings that they had was going to pay for doctor visits. The family quickly fell quite behind in paying their bill. Medina (our head teacher) came to Pastor Bill to find out what to do. He told her that he would help and wanted her to tell the woman that the new church (which Medina and her husband, Isaac pastor) would pay the school fees.

Medina called the woman into the office. She walked in very shuffling in with her eyes downcast. She held out a dirty, crumpled 2,000 shillings bill which is worth less than one dollar. The money in her hand was all of the money left to the family name. Her face had the look of guilt. Medina told her that God and His people loves her and she should keep the money for family needs. She explained how the church was going to pay her child's school fees. The woman began to weep with tears of joy. She was so grateful.

The following Sunday when it was testimony time, she ran to the front of the church and told everyone how thankful she was to all of them for extending such love to her and her family. As she again began to weep, the entire church was moved with love and compassion for this dear lady.

The adding to the church weekly those that are being saved, and the word of God's faithfulness is spreading like a fire throughout the community. We are in awe of what God is doing, and we do our best to get out of the way so that ALL of the GLORY goes to the ONE who is WORTHY, Jesus Christ.