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Pushing Back Darkness

1 May. 2016 Posted by Pastor Bill in

There is a nearby village known for the strong hold of witchcraft and darkness over it. People are afraid to go there because it is so dangerous. One of our pastors, Pastor Ronnie was called by God to start a church in the area. The people of the church began to pray against the darkness. The witch doctors realized as they were in their shrines trying to create curses, that they had no power. They became very angry, and gathered together as a group to beat their drums, chants, and try to get demonic power. Pastor Ronnie got up last night and began to pray to Jesus Christ. He asked for the witch doctors to be silenced. Within minutes, the drums and chanting stopped.
The other amazing thing is that our evangelism team is going to minister in the village today. We are having an open air crusade where there will be high praises to Jesus. We will also minister door to door in people's homes. Please be in prayer as God is working to bring revival to an entire village.