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It Took a Miracle

It Took a Miracle


Many wonderful miracles of salvation and healing take place frequently here in Uganda. Recently we have had several miracles that resulted in life rather than death. Have you ever heard someone say, “It took a miracle for him to have survived?” The thief comes to rob, kill, and destroy but God comes to bring life more abundantly. We want to share three stories about God’s miraculous protective hand upon Prepare the Way Ministry team members.


Mr. Kizza, our Farm Manager



Mr. Kizza is a friend and the Prepare the Way Ministry’s farm manager for both Hope and Agape Gardens. Darkness had fallen;Mr. Kizza and his daughter were riding on his motorcycle when it was suddenly struck from behind by a taxi. The daughter fell off and landed in a ditch. Miraculously she was unhurt. He was thrown in the opposite direction hitting the hard ground like a ton of bricks landing face down. The taxi driver took off to avoid being confronted by the local police. The witnesses at the car washing bay saw the accident, and became angry and chased after the taxi.


Meanwhile Mr. Kizza was takentoKawolo Hospital in Lugazi. The hospital staff saw him and told his wife that her man was going to die, and that she should call the children. Mr. Kizza was unconscious with blood coming out of his ear. His face was terribly distorted, bruised, and bleeding. His skull could be seen. One of the staff members said, “No, he must be taken to the hospital in Kampala by ambulance immediately.


Mr. Kizza slowly regained consciousness over a period of three days. He soon discovered that he had five fractured ribs along with several bones. His head was stitched, and his mouth couldn’t move. He had no feeling in his face. His understanding was clear, but speech was limited due to facial injuries. The doctor did a brain scan and when he saw the results he said, “God really loves this man. His brain is perfect.”Mr. Kizza spent five weeks healing, and is now back working in the gardens and riding his motorcycle which was not spared from damaged in the accident. His facial features are returning to normal; and he is daily praising the Lord for sparing his life.


Julius, our Technician



Julius and the mechanic had tested the tractor while pulling the tractor bed. They found it to be working well, andhad just picked up a full load of iron sheets for the roofing of the new hall at the children’s home. The iron sheets were too long for the tractor bed, so they were placed in it at an angle protruding far over the heads of the two men. As Julius was sloping down a hill, the front part of the tractor bed broke causing the heavy iron sheets to fall on the two men. Part of the enormous load crashed down on Julius’ back. The other part of the iron trapped the mechanic between the steering column which was at his chest and the sharp iron sheets which were at his throat. The friend could not talk and was having difficult time breathing. Julius was trying to hold the weight of the iron sheets with his back to protect the life of his friend. He wasn’t sure how long it would his strength would hold out to keep them from also falling on his friend knowing that could end his life.



Within a minute, a man came along, looked over the situation but realized that he was not strong enough to help, so he left. After another minute passed, two men drove up on a motorcycle and quickly responded to the urgent need they saw before them. They carefully lifted the weighty iron sheets off of the men, whose eyes showed their heartfelt gratitude.  Julius has been on his knees worshipping and thanking Jesus for His great love and mercy.


Joseph, our Taxi Driver



Our final story is about Joseph, one of Prepare the Way Ministry’s taxi drivers. He was on an assignment using our personal van to assist ourfriend with his visiting mission’s team. Joseph dropped the team at the airport for their departure; and on the way home, the vehicle in front of him stopped suddenly. He was forced to swerve to avoid hitting the vehicle. There was an approaching truck in the oncoming lane, so Joseph continued to the side of the road. The oncoming truck also chose to change course, and hit the middle of our van on the passenger’s side as well as two other cars. Joseph who was in shock was taken to the hospital for evaluation. We are thankful that he was determined to be uninjured.



Because there is really no insurance in Uganda that covers liability and medical, we have had the full responsibility. The body of our van was destroyed. We are having the engine, etc. put in a different shell but it is still quite expensive. Please pray that God will turn this situation for good. We are thankful that all lives were spared. Right now, we are praying for the finances for medical expenses as well as to finish the repair and painting of our van. Aloysious has been creative in our transportation using everything from motorcycles and taxis to borrowed vehicles that needed to be repaired before we could take them on the road. What an adventure we live. We are so thankful for the love and grace of God, who protects us with his all-powerful hand.


We really appreciate your prayer coverage for us. It is prayer that brings the miracles of healing, salvations, as well as lives being spared. Our thanks is to God who guides our steps and covers us with His wings.