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Building a Better Tomorrow


Hope Joseph Boy’s Home in Sseya, Uganda


Dear Friends of Prepare the Way Ministry, Hope  Children’s Home has been bursting at the seams, with nearly 40 children squeezed into every nook and cranny available. The girls were quite comfortable in the main house with its large 7 rooms; the 22 boys on the other hand were packed into “boy’s quarters” (three rooms, 10 x 10 feet in size, linked together under one roof) located 10 feet behind the main house where normally the servants or workers would live. Many of our boys have become teens, and they needed a greater distance separation from the girl’s living area. Prepare the Way Ministry started building the new Hope Joseph Boy’s Home in late September 2013.




A contractor was hired with the guidelines that he would allow our older boys to be his assistants in the building of their new home. He was very friendly and agreeable; we soon had a great team. The boys were so excited to be a major part of the project and the timing was perfect because they had just started several weeks of holiday from school. Every morning at 5am they were up for devotions and porridge, and then gathered to hear their assignments for the day. Working alongside Pastor Charles as the coach and encourager, everything began smoothly.



Day 1 of building found some of the boys taking turns digging the footings where the foundation would be poured, while others sat on the rock pile and hammered rocks into small pieces to mix with the cement. The boys worked until they were sore. The initial excitement wore off, but the boys continued working day after day through their entire holiday. They remained faithful to the commitment they had made. They had learned to work through the tough times together as a team; the stronger helping the weaker. Even though the walls weren’t perfectly straight, they had learned something far more valuable than perfect walls.The boys of Hope Children’s Home were becoming men and deserved the home that they had been a part of building. By the end of the project, a few of the boys enjoyed construction so much that they were requesting to have further training after high school.



We bought bricks from one of our children’s grandmother and hired the village men when more laborers were needed. It was important to get the community involved in any way that we could. Hope Children’s Home is having such a positive impact on the lives of the community.

The bricks were transported a few at a time on a homemade cart. This was something that our younger boys could help with, while the older ones were busy placing the bricks in the future wall with great care. The work was not done perfectly, but the boys were gaining confidence and skill while working together as a family, for the common good of all. Every piece of metal had to be shaped by hand. It was very impressive watching the workers. What was lacking in tools and equipment was made up for in ingenuity. We sometimes complain when we can’t find the Phillips screwdriver!




The building was finished with metal sheeting for the roof. Electricity and rain gutters were added. The boy’s moved their beds and all of their belongings into their “new home”. The weather was not cooperating; but we have learned living in Uganda, that rain may “delay the party” but it doesn’t stop it. Rain also means “God’s blessings” to the Ugandan people. The small US team that we were hosting put on their raingear, and we headed to Sseya for the grand opening and dedication of “Hope Joseph Boy’s Home”. Everyone was gathered under large plastic tarps spread out to make a room sized dry area. The weather was dreary but the smiles on everyone’s faces were radiant. The festivities began with praise and worship. There were many speeches and lots of cheering. There was a ribbon cutting ceremony followed by the tour of the home. The boys jumped into their beds with their two thumbs up to show their joy and approval. We celebrated and feasted on sodas, chapattis, and donuts.



The work continued as day after day asthe deep latrine was dug by hand. The support walls were bricked, and the latrine was covered by heavy steel beams and cement. This process continued until the walls of the rooms were standing tall and the doors and roof were set into place. The latrines and rooms for bathing are now being used by our 22 boys.

The boy’s house will be complete as God blesses us with the finances for the ceiling; and the plastering and painting the inside and outside walls. If you would like to be a part of finishing the house, please let us know.



The children are overflowing with happiness and enjoying the goodness of God in their home. Everyone is so grateful for all of the wonderful changes that the Lord has brought to Hope Children’s Home. Love and laughter fill the air. Thank you for praying for these beautiful children. There is so much joy in the journey.